Create a Test Event in Eventleaf Online

Eventleaf Online Starter Plan is free for up to 100 attendees, until you sell tickets.  

  1. Go to choose Register.  Create an account with an email and password. 

  2. Select Events at the top left and choose the Create Event button

  3. Type Test Event and choose event dates that are way out in the future so the event won’t end.


  4. Fill in some General event information.  

  5. Choose Tickets & Registration | Registration Form and edit the registration form as desired.  Select the ADD button to add a field.  Choose Preview Form to review the form. 

  6. Choose Tickets & Registration | Tickets and then the ADD TICKET button to add a $0.00 ticket.  

  7. Select Marketing | Invitations and the CREATE INVITATION button.  Type Test Invitation and choose Save.   

  8. Change the Format, Color, and Style of the Email Invitation

    Scroll down and add Sender, Reply to Address, and Subject.  Enter email invitation details.  Put your cursor inside the invitation body and a menu bar will appear at the top with an HTML Code View button (</>) so you can edit the email formatting.  You can also add a Video or Picture to the invitation from this menu bar.  

  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the invitation page to Send Test Email To your own email address.  Add a PDF Attachment.  Note that the email will contain a Register button link that will take you to the Registration page upon selection.  You can view your registration in the Reports section. 

  10. Select Tickets & Registration | Registration Options to change registration options and add Confirmation Screen message. 

  11. Select Tickets & Registration | Registration Options to add a Confirmation Email.  Scroll down and enter your own email address and choose the SEND TEST EMAIL button.   

  12. Go to Reports | Registrations to create and print badges, view a list of registrations, Export to Excel, or Send an email of a report.  

  13. When ready to publish a real event (not the test event), select Tickets & Registration | Payment Settings to add a payment processor.  Choose to pay the sales fee or add the fee to the price of the ticket, select a payout account, or billing account /add a credit card for fees. 


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