Importing Photos from a Folder

If you have an existing folder containing photos, you can import those photos into your database. The photos will all need a uniform naming convention, such as "Employee Number.jpg" or "LastName_FirstName.jpg." This will allow you to build the path and naming structure needed to bring all of your photos in at once.

To start, go to Manage Records.

  1. From here, select your records using either the check box in the header row or a records filter.

    If you already have photos in some records, you may instead filter to only show records without photos and select those records instead.

  2. Go to More Options > Selected Records > Import Images... 
  3. Select your Image Field, and build your path.
  4. Click Insert Folder Path and navigate to the folder containing the images you want to import.


  5. Once you have selected your folder path, use the Insert Database Field to build your file names. Do not forget to type in your image extension at the end (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc.).

  6. Now that your path is complete, click Import.
  7. Your images will be brought in immediately. If you used the Filter Records tool to select the records without photos, as the images populate your records they will disappear from the list. The only people left will be people whose photos did not match the naming convention or did not have a photo in the file.
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