What is GTIN?

GTIN is the EAN-UCC Global Trade Item Numbering system. GTIN numbers are 14 digits long. GTIN can be constructed using four numbering structures, depending upon the exact application and the bar code symbology to be used. Numbering Structures that can be found in the 14-digit Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) are:

  • UCC-12 used predominately in North America, prefixed with two leading zeros.
  • EAN/UCC-13 used predominately in Europe/Asia, prefixed with one leading zero.
  • EAN/UCC-14 previously known as a SCC-14, used in logistics application.
  • EAN/UCC-8 used predominately in Europe/Asia, prefixed with six leading zeros.

The numbering structure is composed of leading zeros to complete 14 digits, followed by a country and company prefix (or manufacturer code), followed by an item number (this number is allocated by the user company/manufacturer), and a check digit.

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