What are the most popular applications of barcodes?

Barcodes are primarily used for entering data into a system, efficiently and reliably, thereby improving the productivity. The following are some of the business areas where barcodes are commonly used:

Point of Sale
Retail outlets are one of the most common segments where barcodes are used to keep track of goods sold.

Inventory Control
Barcodes are extensively used in warehouses, shop floors, for tracking inventory. Portable scanners are used to track shipping and receiving and quickly take physical inventory. The collected data from portable scanners is then either uploaded to a central computer system at regular intervals or the inventory is updated in real-time, depending on the system you choose, allowing companies the opportunities to reduce stock levels and thereby reduce carrying costs. Improved efficiencies will lead to lower operating costs.

Barcodes are used worldwide by the shipping industry. From marking letters, small packages, to large containers, barcodes are used to encode sender, recipient, carrier and various other information.

Employee ID cards printed with barcodes are used by various organizations around the world.

Time and Attendance
Barcodes are often used by time and attendance system. It uses barcode encoded employee identification badges that are scanned when employees start and stop work. This allows automatic tracking for payroll and eliminates paper time sheets and time clocks.

Barcode labels are commonly used on packaging labels to identify part numbers, serial numbers, and shipping information. Labeling can be used to automatically sort packages for shipment, automate receiving, and enhance package tracking.

Data Collection
Medical and dental practices rely on complex patient forms. Using barcodes, detailed information is now quickly entered in the computer, making it an easy task of gathering large amounts of information for a client. Reduced data collection costs and better service are the results.

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