Customizing the Registration Form and Confirmations in Eventleaf Online

Under Registration Form, you can customize the form to include additional fields and formatting.

Inserting a field allows you to capture additional information at registration. Assign a label, and then determine what format you want the information to be in. Options include short text, long text, date, date with time, and a drop down list.

For example, if your event included a catered meal, you may wish to collect a list of dietary restrictions.

In Registration Options, you select your event size, your full registration period, and choose the last day when people can either cancel or update their registration.

In Confirmation Email, customize the look and feel of the automatic email that goes out to an attendee when they register for an event. You can use standard HTML formats and basic email formatting. You can include fields from the Event Details or Confirmation data. Your email will automatically append their package selection at the end of the message.

A custom on-screen confirmation message can be made under Confirmation Screen. This confirmation screen is text only with the exception of an optional confirmation barcode.

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