Moving from the Internal Jolly Server to SQL Server

SQL Server Installation

  1. Download SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Studio -> (Link provided by Microsoft, this link may change)
  2. Select ‘New installation…’ as indicated below:


  3. Select ‘Next,’ keeping the default ‘New installation…’ option selected:


  4. Accept the terms and select ‘Next’:


  5. Keep the defaults and select ‘Next’:


  6. Give the server instance a name of your choice and select ‘Next,’ here we have entered ‘TrackDatabase’:


  7. Keep the defaults and select ‘Next’:


  8. Set your choice of username and password authentication methods, here we allow ‘Windows authentication mode’. Select ‘Next’:


  9. Select ‘Next’:


  10. Installation is complete, select ‘Close’ and exit the installer:


Next Steps

Import your data from the Internal Jolly Server (Access database)

Connect Your Groups to the SQL Server (Jolly Server connection)

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