Import Records in Version 6

  1. Using an administrator account, open the software and select the ‘Manage Records’ button (this would be called "Record Center in earlier versions):

  2. Select "More Options" (dropdown arrow near the ‘Print’ button in older versions) and select the ‘Records’ > ‘Import Records…’ option:


  3. Select the ‘Database Settings’ button:


  4. Select the ‘Select Database’ button:


  5. Select the type of database to import from using the ‘Database Type’ dropdown menu (here we are importing from a Microsoft Access database file). Browse to find the database as appropriate and set any appropriate settings to connect to your original database. Select the ‘Ok’ button:


  6. The software will attempt to automatically map fields but these can be changed by you. Select the ‘Ok’ button:


  7. Select the records that you want to import. Select the ‘Import’ button:


  8. Select the ‘Yes’ button:


  9. Select the ‘Yes’ button if you want to overwrite existing records with a matching ID number. If you are unsure, it is often better to select the ‘No’ button:


  10. Select the ‘Ok’ button:


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