Syncing your event with Eventleaf Desktop

Once your event is live and you are starting to collect registrations, you can sync your online event, creating an easy way to have up to the minute registration information.

Step 1. Make your Eventleaf Online event live!
Log into Eventleaf and locate your event. Under the event name and description will be a blue link “Make Event Registration Live.” Clicking this link will open your event up for online registration and allow you to sync your event in Eventleaf Desktop.

Step 2. Link your event in Eventleaf Desktop.
Open Eventleaf Desktop and open up the Settings window. Under Attendee Groups, click the New button and create a group for your event.

Go to Database, and click the Configure button next to Data Source. The second option on the list is Eventleaf Online. Select Eventleaf Online and click the Configure button. You will be prompted to log into your Eventleaf Online account. All of your live events will be listed. Select the event you want to sync and click Next.

You will receive a “Confirm Event Details” page to allow you to double check which event went out. Click Next. It will import the event and any registrations. Click Finish.

Step 3. Sync your event on demand.
If you have multiple events, you will need to do this for each event.

Select your event attendee group from the drop down menu. Then click the Sync With Eventleaf Online.

You will be prompted to sign into your Eventleaf Online account. Click Next and Eventleaf Desktop will pull all of the new registrations since the last time you performed a sync. Click Next to import the new registrations into Eventleaf Desktop.

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