Pre-Registering Visitors in Lobby Track 7 and 8

Pre-Registration is a new process that enables a streamlined sign in and sign out process for your visitors.

To turn on Pre-Registration, go to Settings > This Workstation > Tasks, and select Pre-Registration. From there, go to Settings > Visitor Groups > Edit, to select options for your Pre-Registration task. Options include looking up a visitor against a watch list, looking up a host, email notifications, and sending calendar invitations.

Add Pre-Registration to your Workstation

Configure Pre-Registration options for your Group

Pre-Registration starts by clicking the Pre-Registration button and Schedule New Visit at the bottom of the following page. 


Enter your visitor information and click Next. For new users, you can then fill out their complete visitor information form. For previous visitors, you will have the option to edit their information. Click Next.

Choose your visit location and expected arrival and departure dates. The Pre-Registration process defaults users to arriving the next day. Click Next. You will see a confirmation screen of your visitor and their visit details. Click Next and Done to save the visit to the Visit List.

Preregistered users show up in the Pre-Registration visit schedule, and will show up in the Sign In visit schedule on their expected day of arrival.

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