How to Request a New Activation Code

This is the first time I'm activating a new license, but it is not activating automatically…

If your license is not activating automatically, you can submit your license key and Hardware ID at to receive a manual activation code.

I am upgrading to the new version and it is not activating automatically…

If this is an upgrade from a previous version, you will need to deactivate the previous license in order for the new license to be released.  Please contact with your deactivation code and both licenses keys.

My computer died, and now I need to activate on a new machine…

If you cannot get into your old computer in order to deactivate the software, you will need to fill out a Request for New Installation Due to System Failure form and send it to Getting a new activation code requires an active Maintenance Plan.

How do I get a plan and how much does it cost?

If you bought your software through us, then you can contact your sales person at or 650-594-5955 Option 1. If you bought through your reseller, you will need to contact them directly. They might have a special deal or promotion they can offer you in order to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

I’m filling out the form, but I don’t know what the hardware ID is.

The hardware ID is a 10 digit number that is displayed on screen when activation fails. To generate this number for the form, you will need to install the software on your new computer and attempt to activate the software. The activation code you receive will be for this computer.

So, I need this now. How long does it take?

On the form we say that we require two business days to supply your new activation code. However, we do know how important this software is to your day to day operations, and generally we are able to supply a new activation code within 4 business hours.

But I deactivated and I’m still getting the Manual Activation Required screen?

If your computer is not activating automatically, you can enter your license key and the Hardware ID at to receive a manual activation code.

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