Primera LX400: Printing from a non-admin account

While Primera does not indicate that there are any issues printing with the LX400 from a non-admin account, our users have experienced issues when attempting to both print from our software as well as printing a test page directly from Devices and Printers.

Issue: My Primera Printer is not printing - The printed file appears in the print queue and then disappears after a few moments. (PC Only)

Solutions: The Primera website lists the following solution for the LX400:

Only try the procedure below if you are getting the exact symptom described above.  Otherwise consult the related articles at the bottom of this article.

A. Install the latest version of the printer driver.  Earlier versions of the BravoPro, SE, XRP, LX800/810/400 drivers may have this problem.

B. Disable Print Manager.  If you are printing from SureThing 5.x try disabling the Print Manager.  When you click print you receive a print options screen.  Click the Advanced Button.  Uncheck "Use Printer Manager".  Try again.

C. Turn off UAC.  See this article. (Windows Vista, 7 or 8 only)

D. Disable Image Sharpening. 

1. For Windows XP - Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PTI\Drivers\[Printer Name Folder]\PT_[PrinterInitials].ini (Application Data is a hidden folder)


For Windows Vista - Browse to C:\ProgramData\PTI\Drivers\[Printer Name Folder]\PT_[PrinterInitials].ini  (ProgramData is a hidden folder) You will have to also disable UAC (User Account Control) using this procedure.

2. The folder name and ini file will vary depending on the printer.  For example a Bravo SE will be \Disc Publisher SE\PT_DPse.ini 

3. Open the file in notepad or any text editor.  Find the "SharpenLevel" key. Change the value after the = sign to "0".  The defaut value is "11"  

; Amount of image sharpening
; 0 = off
; 1-10 = increasing sharpening levels
; 11 = automatic
; 12 = off
SharpenLevel = 0

Note: In rare cases, disabling Image Sharpening may cause minor quality differences.

However, we have had success following the instructions for the LX900 for non-admin accounts.

To print from a user (non-admin) account, grant the rights below.

  1. Printer Rights. After installing the Color Label Printer driver, the administrator must open the Printers Folder, right-click on ‘Color Label 900' and click Properties.Click on the Security* tab. Now click on 'Everyone' in Group or user names. Check the allow box for both 'Manage Printers' and for 'Manage Documents'. Click OK.

  2. PTI Folder Rights. Give users Full Control to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PTI and subfolders (XP) -OR- C:\Program Data\PTI and subfolders (Vista/7/8).

    Application Data and Program Data are hidden folders.To access hidden files and folders on XP/2000, go to Tools – Folder Options – View tab.Click on ‘Show hidden files and folders’.Click on Apply and OK.On Vista/7/8, go to Organize – Folder and Search Options – View tab. Click on ‘Show hidden files, folders, drives’.Click on Apply and OK.

  3. User Account Control (UAC). You may also have to disable UAC (User Account Control) on Windows Vista and Windows 7/8.  Please see this article for instructions.

    If you do not see a "Security" tab on printer properties page, you will need to disable "Simple File Sharing" in Folder Options, view tab. To do so: Open Windows Explorer - Select Tools - Select Folder options - Select View - Go to the bottom of the list, deselect "Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended)" check box.
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