Setting up Background Scanning in Version 7

In Lobby Track version 7, the software has two background scanning modes which are mutually exclusive. If you want to sign people in and out using their pre-registration code, then you will need to turn off the feature to sign in using the driver's license scanner.

Configuring the Software

  1. Launch the Lobby Track software.

  2. Click the Settings button to access the local workstation settings. If you do not have a Settings button then log into the workstation with an Administrator account.

  3. Go to This Workstation > Tasks > Sign In. Deselect Start Sign In task when document is scanned and select Process background pre-registration barcode scan.

  4. If you are using a serial port based scanner that does not have a keyboard emulation mode, then you will need to click the blue Process background pre-registration barcode scan and indicate the serial port being used by your device.

    Otherwise, your Lobby Track installation is set up to properly sign people in and out using background scanning.

Next Steps

Set up your barcode scanner for background scanning.

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