Reporting Options in Jolly Technologies Software

Basic reporting is available in all Jolly Technologies products dependent on your configuration. From the Main Menu, click Reports to see your different reporting options. 


The Visitor Reports are the date-based reports. These reports cover every action that happened in the software, from adding a new person, creating a visit, editing their record, checking them in and out, or deleting the entry.

Depending on the software, this may be listed as Asset Reports, Attendee Reports, Cardholder Reports, Inventory Reports, Label Reports or Member Reports.

Charts are preconfigured reports that display data as either a bar chart, stacked bar chart or line chart, allowing you to combine multiple groups and locations into a single image.

These reports can be saved as BMP files for inclusion in your own reports or presentations.

Time and Attendance is only available in Lobby Track, Member Track and Scan Station. Time and Attendance data is only calculated if you are using Check In and Check Out (or Re-Entry Check In and Re-Entry Check Out in Lobby Track).

This report calculates the time between check in and check out, and provides a running total of the accumulated hours worked for the selected time period.

Query Records allows you to create reports based on fields in your database. Any report you save here is available as a filter in Manage Records.

These reports allow you to select records in your database based on specific criteria. Example reports include company name matching "ABC Company", lists of all inactive users, or people who do not have a photo.

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